A Guide on Deciding & Choosing the Right Best Residential School in Delhi

Aarushi Singh
2 min readOct 14, 2019

If you are considering day boarding schools in Gurgaon for your child, it is important that you go through the process of finding the best one out there. You may come across many such residential schools, but you should evaluate each one based on the program, philosophy, and reputation they have. This guide should help you decide whether it is the right type of schooling for your child and what steps to follow when choosing one.

Determining a Boarding School for Your Child

When you decide to send your child to a boarding school, it is an important decision. Studying in such a school is much different compared to a conventional school.

· Make sure that your child is ready to go through the rigorous academic program provided by the best residential school in Delhi

· The child should be mature enough to live away from parents

· You should already see signs of discipline and a desire to study in a residential school in your child

While a reputed school will provide all the support your child needs to lead an independent life, you should discuss this decision with your child first.

Choosing the Right Boarding School

It is recommended to follow these steps when choosing the best residential school in Delhi:

· Check the Top Schools: Create a list of the top boarding schools in your area. Check each school for what their alumni and their parents have to say about them. It should not be difficult for you to create a list of at least 10 schools in your region.

· Match with Your Criteria: You and your child should create a list of conditions that the prospective school should meet. Then, match those criteria with the features and benefits offered by each school in your list. You may want a boarding school that provides the IB Diploma. Your child may have future aspirations for studying abroad in a top university. You may want your child to participate in certain sports.

· Visit Schools: Once you have shortlisted a few schools that perfectly meet your criteria, you should pay them a visit. Interview the staff at the admissions office and learn about the faculty that will be teaching your child. Learn about the kinds of educational programs provided in the school. Make sure your child accompanies you on your visits.

There are even more points to consider when choosing the best day boarding schools in Gurgaon. You should also evaluate the academic offerings provided by the institution.

· Consider the discipline your child should excel in

· Does the boarding school specialize in a specific discipline?

· Does the school provide English as a Second Language (ESL)?

You may also want to check the school’s philosophy before choosing them. You can often come across schools that have a unique approach to education that is different from the tradition. It is also important that you appreciate that approach.

So follow all these tips to choose the right boarding school for your child.