Benefits Of Trips Organised By International Schools

Aarushi Singh
3 min readJun 22, 2021

Tailored school trips organized by International Schools in Gurgaon benefit the kids by offering them a learning experience of a different kind. Students can use these tips to increase their tacit knowledge, improve their ability to face different situations, and learn valuable life lessons.

Some of the important character traits that students imbibe and improve on when they go on these trips are:

  • Critical Thinking Skills: The ability for clear and rational thinking arises from a student’s affinity for logical reasoning. It is about being an active learner. These trips expose students to real-life scenarios. By taking them out of their comfort zones, these trips teach them to face different situations by applying critical thinking to plan strategically and generate innovative solutions.
  • Experimental Learning: It is an acknowledged fact that lessons learned by experimenting and experiencing its outcome tend to stick on. Experimental learning teaches more to kids within a short span than classroom teaching. While the classroom is the best place for academics, facing real-life situations is the best way to gather life-influencing and life-changing skills. Implementation of this ideology elevates an international school to become the Best ib School in India.
  • Expanded Worldview: This refers to the framework of values, attitudes, and beliefs that one develops as one grows. It shapes the character of an individual. The capability to imbibe things is much higher in students. Thus, when they experience different situations, both positive and negative, on these trips, they soak in the experience. This helps students to expand their worldview and face life challenges creatively and positively.
  • Reinforces Academics: Learning, when it is corroborated by experience, becomes fun. School trips generally take students to places where they get opportunities to implement their academic learning or see their curriculum chapters coming to life. This further enhances the effectiveness of academic learning by making it interesting. Hence, trips to museums, historical monuments, places with diverse geographical features, etc., increase a student’s commitment to academics.
  • Improves Teacher-Student Relationships: Top Boarding Schools in Gurgaon maintain a relatively smaller teacher-student ratio. This helps teachers provide individual attention and build lasting relationships with their students. Going out on school trips further reinforces this teacher-student relationship. It helps many students overcome their initial hesitation and approach their teachers with confidence. Teachers also discover hidden characteristic traits in the personalities of many of their students.
  • Builds Self-Confidence in Students: School trips help students to come on their own. When they have to tackle things on their own even for a few days, it changes their perception of life. Staying away from the protective atmosphere of their homes makes them independent, gain self-confidence and become self-assured individuals.

The reinforcement of friendships and the memories created is perhaps the best part of going on these school trips.

GD Goenka World School

The quality of the trips organized is another feature that elevates an international school to become the best ib school in India. By participating in these school trips, students get a chance to understand the practical implications of what they study in the classroom. Consequently, when they return to their books, it is with greater motivation and a deeper understanding.