Boarding Schools: Adding Value To The Life Of A Student

Aarushi Singh
3 min readApr 10, 2020

Sending a child to one of the top boarding school in Delhi tends to have far-reaching consequences on the child. These consequences are generally positive but the negative impact too should be taken into account. There are primarily 4 reasons which prompt parents to send their kids to boarding school. They are:

· Family tradition: In India, people are still steeped in tradition and carrying the legacy forward with the help of kids and grand kids is a very common occurrence. Many families opt to send their kids to a boarding school primarily because their fathers and grandfathers had followed the same route.

· Providing good education especially for kids of working parents: The need to be appreciated, to be able to gainfully use their education and financial demands have given rise to nuclear families with working parents. Thus with both the parents coping up with the pressures of work, there is little time left for them to give to their kids. Opting for ib schools with hostel facilities is an excellent way to ensure that their kids get a quality education.

· Adding value to lives: Education is not only about academics. Most parents understand this and encourage their kids today to engage in different activities like physical fitness, sports, art and craft, public speaking, writing, elocution, dramatics etc. For parents to provide all of these from the comfort of their homes can be quite an impossible task as travel would take up a lot of time and stress out the child. However, with most boarding schools providing these facilities under one roof, life becomes simpler for the child and he can engage in these things better.

· Sparring the child an ongoing marital feud: For a child, the stability of home comes from loving parents. But today there has been a rise in divorce cases with many taking an ugly turn and being dragged to the courts. While students residing at a top boarding school in Delhi are aware of the separation, they are saved from having to witness the ugliness of separation. The boarding school also provides stability to the child in times of extreme instability at homes.

But kids going to boarding schools might also have to face the trauma of separation from his loved ones, of being removed from a stable home to an uncertain circumstance. To tackle this psychological impact, parents should:

· Have a frank discussion with their kids regarding the pros and cons of staying at home and staying in a good boarding school,

· Select from among IB schools providing hostel facilities since they seek to provide all-round development without stressing out the kids with studies and

· Choose a good boarding school very near to the place where they reside so that they can visit their kids almost every weekend, if the school permits, participate in all activities which require their participation and generally contribute to being a good part of their kid’s lives.

Today boarding schools have become popular because of the advantages that they offer. While there are some disadvantages too, but they are not insurmountable.