Features to look for in school that prepares your child for world

Aarushi Singh
3 min readJun 1, 2020

Every parent wants to give the child the best possible care, education, parenting and so on. It is the dream of ambitious parents to see their children going out to new cities and countries and get count among the best talents. Such dream needs support of the best IB school in India especially when your job requires living in various countries. IB or international board has designed its curriculum in order to prepare the child for foreign schools and universities. Apart from the board, here are some more important features that deliver the promise of growth and competitive advantage, such as:

  1. Best teaching staff: It is worth noticing that any average school does not hire the best qualified teachers. On the other hand, the best IB school in India hires teachers who not only are well-qualified, but are also passionate about teaching. This puts the child in the best hands and under able guidance which is very helpful in learning.
  2. Focus on overall development: Apart from imparting knowledge on compulsory subjects, the school should also have arrangements for teaching certain other life skills, such as;

a. Vocational training

b. Public speaking

c. Sports and Competitions

d. Hobby development through project work, etc.

Thus, the focus on overall development can give students the best conditions to grow and improve in multi-faceted manner.

3. Day boarding facility: It is one of the most sought after features that help parents provide stable and disciplined environment for learning. While choosing any school of international standard for day boarding, one should pay attention to points, such as:

  • Location: Place of stay or hostel should be within school’s premises. That means, the hostel should be very near to main building. It helps in saving time in travelling to school, first of all. Secondly, it provides safe and secure place well-guarded by the school authorities. Also, the children are well-guarded from pollution that they may exposed to while travelling from location away from school.
  • Disciplined environment: Parents can carry on with their respective jobs when their kids are in safe hands and are learning things which are not possible to get at home. The disciplined environment of residential school can help students learn time management and realize the benefits of such kind of living style.
  • Meals service: A hostel is a home away from home, but with certain rules and regulations. Food forms the fuel for physical and mental growth of any child. Thus, the school with day residential facility should be equipped with ample means to provide good food in timely manner to its students.

4. Pick and drop transport facility: Schools that offer pick and drop facility for students for full day residential saves parent’s time. They can continue with their respective routines without bothering about the child’s transportation to school.

Most of the schools provide detailed brochure to help parents understand what they are signing for. Ask for the brochure to compare and pick the best suited school for your child when you want to make him or her truly competitive and confident.