International Baccalaureate Schools: Their Pros And Cons

Aarushi Singh
3 min readOct 31, 2019

With numerous good day boarding school in Delhi, it becomes quite difficult for parents to understand which school to choose for putting their kids in. Another point which compounds the problem is the presence of different boards like the ISCE, the CBSE and the IB or the International Baccalaureate board.

What does the IB board offer

The IB is an internationally recognised education system which comprises of 3 different types of educational programmes namely:

  • PYP or the primary years program which deals with kids studying in kindergarten to those in class V,
  • MYP or the medium years program which has been designed for kids studying in class VI to class X and
  • DP or the Diploma program for the senior school students studying in classes XI and XII.

Founded in Geneva, this system, also found today in many ib boarding schools in India, is so designed that it is much more application based and hence has more practical applicability. This also leads to an all-round development of the students because of the broad spectrum of subjects taught. The IB system tests the knowledge that a student has acquired by virtue of studying in this system rather than his ability to memorise and the speed with which he is able to answer the questions asked. It would not be wrong to say that the IB system pedagogy is based not on what to learn but on how to learn and has no books prescribed; rather the children choose the books they want to study.

This system thus produces global citizens by offering a rather challenging method of study based more on the quality of assignments done rather than on the quantity of work assigned and done.

Benefits of IB system of education

The unique thought behind the development of this system benefits students in many ways. It helps to make the students:

  • Think independently and also to formulate their own process of learning,
  • A part of a program which will make them eligible for admission in all high ranking universities around the globe,
  • Culturally aware because of the development of the second language and
  • Are able to engage and interact with people of the highly globalized and rapidly progressing world.

Reasons for selecting an IB board

There are several reasons for the selection of a good ib boarding school like:

  • The IB diploma is known the world over as one which is earned after rigorous assessment and is thus universally accepted and preferred around the world. In fact there are certain universities, situated the world over which provide special scholarships for students seeking admission in them.
  • Certain skills which are needed as one grows up and opts for higher education abroad like confidence, research and organisational skills, preparedness, engaging oneself actively in one’s education etc., are being actively honed in students opting for an IB school.
  • With admissions becoming globally more competitive, universities abroad look for qualities in a student that prove his will to succeed and excel.

Getting a child admitted in a good day boarding school in delhi, especially one with the IB system of education exposes the child to an international outlook coupled with the benefits of a quality education and curriculum and social service. This changes their lives forever.