Reasons Parents Should Choose Boarding School For Their Kids

Aarushi Singh
3 min readJul 16, 2020

Today there is no dearth of boarding schools on sohna road gurgaon. There is a rise in the popularity of boarding schools in the past decade. This is because the educated and aware parents of today are beginning to understand the benefits of sending their kids to boarding schools.

There many parents who still opt for the traditional day and morning school routines. This is mostly due to ignorance as they are yet to know how well a child flourishes under the guidance and discipline of a boarding school.

Statistically speaking it has been seen that the percentage of success is much higher in students from boarding schools. The reasons for the same are:

· Academic experience: This is the first criteria that parents look for when selecting a boarding school. The faculty chosen stays within the campus and is qualified enough to be able to prepare kids opting for a boarding school in delhi for the future. They ensure this by providing extra help as and when required.

· Peer learning is considered to be cool: It helps to appear smart in a boarding school. Thus need stimulates students to excel academically. The influence of success-oriented peers also acts as a motivation thereby enabling the kids to do much better.

· Individual attention: With a smaller number of students in each class, boarding school kids get individual attention. Thus they thrive better in such circumstances as the quality of education imparted is quite good. The teacher is often seen as the mentor and the facilitator. Students are provided with questions and situations etc. and encouraged to think, share their thoughts and learn to put a confident voice to their thoughts.

· Superlative programs, activities and coaches: Mostly all boarding schools on sohna road Gurgaon have excellent programs devised to encourage the all-round development of the students. From academic programs to public speaking workshops, from fitness programs to training session for different sports, from art workshops to community service; students get to participate in a variety of programs which develops their social and personal skills. It also makes life interesting for the students.

· Physical development: Boarding schools are generally constructed on grounds with ample space to enable students to play different sports. Mostly students of boarding schools have to take up two sports mandatorily with options available for learning other sports as well. The variety of training available is pretty vast from cricket to football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, hockey etc. Some even provide horse-riding sessions and training for Polo as well.

The boarding school can also be called a 24hour intentional community created to enable a student’s academic growth, physical fitness and social development. Activities offered can generally be classified under academics, arts and athletics; all done in a supervised and structured manner.

Thus putting a child into a boarding school in delhi enables him to cope up with life’s challenges better. He is better prepared to face college life and generally has a better adaptability and is more independent than students from private or public schools.