Tips To Choose The Top Residential School For Your Child

Aarushi Singh
3 min readFeb 21, 2020

Today there are several parents who know and understand the benefits of putting their kids into residential schools. This arrangement enables the physical and mental growth of the child and it makes the kids become independent and confident. It is also a boon for parents since today both parents have to go out to work and families have shifted nature and become increasingly nuclear. But the question which plagues most parents is how to ensure that the school selected is among the top 10 residential schools in india.

There are certain tips which offer starting points thereby helping parents to understand what they should be primarily be looking for. They include:

· Entry points: It is a fact that most residential schools refrain from admitting students to all classes. Usually, the admission is taken at the junior-most class and the same batch of students continue to study till the end. But there might also be cases wherein due to some students leaving the school, they might allow admission in senior and junior classes to fill up that vacancy. Generally, such cases are rare and far between. In India, admission is opened for all students in a boarding school from classes 4 or 6 as the case may be. Later on, admission is also opened to students for entering into the 11th standard. These entry points which tend to vary from school to school even among the top 10 residential schools in india should be kept in mind.

· Curriculum followed and subject choices offered: It has been generally seen that students enter boarding schools at a relatively higher age. Thus they would already have become accustomed to studying in a particular board and following a particular curriculum. Thus before the selection of the boarding school, the curriculum followed should be checked to see if it is the same as the one the student is currently following.

· Distance from home: Sending kids off to the boarding school is, by itself, a harrowing experience both for the students and their parents. Hence care should be taken to select a boarding school which is not very far away from home. The international school Gurgaon offer a healthy combination of boarders and day scholars and are also not very far from parents residing in Delhi and the adjoining areas.

· Cost: Generally boarding schools are costly and those offering international curriculum are even more so. Hence parents need to take into account the costs involved and also know for sure that these costs are definitely going to increase as a child gets promoted from one class to the next.

· Discipline and social development: In the absence of parents, it is the boarding school which will have to take the ones of inculcating discipline in the child. Development of social skills and character is an important aspect of a child’s growth. Thus parents need to ensure that the international school Gurgaon that they want to send their child to should be one which places equal stress on character building and academics.

Looking into the above-mentioned criteria would ensure that parents are able to find a boarding school which would be counter-productive and ensure a happy atmosphere for the child to grow in.