What Is The Kind Of Exposure Your Child Will Get At A Boarding School?

Aarushi Singh
3 min readDec 22, 2021

Schools are an integral part of our lives. Boarding schools especially leave an impact on our children. In the olden days and even today, boarding schools have provided top-of-the-line education. However, these days boarding schools are shifting to an international curriculum. Seeing the benefits of this curriculum, selected schools from the best residential boarding schools in Delhi NCR have implemented it. However, a boarding school is more than its curriculum. This is why we urge you to look at the different kinds of exposure it provides to your child.

TEDx Events

TEDx is a globally known forum where some of the most brilliant minds engage in talking regarding topics of eminence. These often include subjects like psychology, science, maths, arts, etc. Some select schools in Delhi NCR host such events for their students. Not only does this expose your child to newer ideas, but it also makes them think. The TEDx events leave people with numerous questions and that helps them grow significantly!

Parent Partner Programs

Children being exposed to international opportunities and the best erudite in the industry is not the only focus of a day boarding school. The best boarding schools recognize the importance of parents in a child’s education. This is why they have parent partner programs. In such programs, a parent partner is assigned who contacts the parents and updates them regarding their child’s progress. This program is created to keep you in the loop of your child’s life. Getting updates on your child’s achievements will make you a proud parent. We recommend searching for the best day boarding school near me, to find schools offering such programs.

Social outreach programs

When a child starts learning, one of the most important aspects of personal development comes from serving others. Social outreach programs are prioritized in all of the best schools across the globe. Students who participate in a social program earn a badge of honour that holds a significant amount of weight in case of future opportunities. Outreach programs can be plantations drives, no plastic drives, labour day celebrations and events, book collection drives, etc. The best residential boardingschools in Delhi NCR, offer such programs to expose your child to opportunities through which they can help society. This teaches them a sense of responsibility, shaping them to become better individuals!

We recommend you find the best day boarding school for your child. Such events and programs are quite unique experiences. They teach and harness skills of leadership, responsibility, independence, virtue, patience, empathy, communication, etc., from a very young age. It makes your child ready for future opportunities. A simple search for the best day boarding school near me will yield adequate results for you to choose from. When choosing such a school we recommend going for one that has top-of-the-line infrastructure. It facilitates your child to learn in a fun and interactive manner. Having access to all the necessary facilities ensures that they are ready for opportunities across the globe by the time they’re job ready!