Aarushi Singh
3 min readMay 30, 2022

Today’s expeditious lifestyle makes it troublesome for parents, especially parents to toddlers to maintain a work-life balance. Little ones belonging to the delicate ages of 8–13 demand constant attention and nurturance which parents are sadly unable to provide given to work pressure. A child boarding school comes as a rescue for families with two working parents, one single working parent or even freelancing parents. Here are 4 reasons why as a working parent you should opt for boarding systems.


Parents demand a high-quality education in this competitive challenging job market and rightfully so. Keeping that in mind, top boarding schools provide an array of teachers holding advanced degrees who leave no stone unturned in providing the best education to your child.


A child leads a co-dependent existence with their parents, especially mothers. A child hostel school comes as a boon to the working mothers as these schools develop a sense of independence from the onset. Children learn to lead a life on their own which further develops a sense of responsibility.


Often working parents are found worrying about leaving their child in the hands of house help or child care. It is not always possible as well to call in grandparents or even other relatives for safety. Top boarding schools assure 24×7 security with guards patrolling routinely. The safest boarding schools maintain security with advanced devices and gadgets. To protect students from any untoward harm due to fire and such accidents, the schools install fire sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors at a regular interval which are routinely inspected. Some boarding facilities even provide WIFI and high-speed internet to maintain a seamless connection between the children and parents as well as the school staff.


All work and no play especially in this lifestyle make Jack, a dull boy. Apart from providing the best education, top boarding schools encourage a child in extra-curricular activities as well. Top schools with their ‘after school sports programmes’ engage your child with the activities they require, to maintain their bodies. Large playgrounds, combined with a variety of games like table tennis, squash, foosball and billiards, maintain the health as well as recreational levels of your child. Some schools even provide gym centres as well as a spa to relax their brains from academic pressures. Grooming of your child isn’t a worry as well, as these schools even provide salons and house parents who will maintain the personal hygiene of your child.


  1. Boarding schools often can be chaotic with a humungous number of students. Will it be good for my child?

A good child boarding school will provide your child with separate single rooms, solely for attentive studying sessions.

2. Is it safe for girls?

Given the current horrifying situation, top child hostel schools keep in mind to provide world-class safety to your child. Trained guards, caring teachers along with advanced systems like smart cards and system readers assure complete protection of your child.

3. What about medical care?

Top boarding systems provide advanced infirmaries and 24x7 ambulances, assuring the protection of your child.