Why You Should Choose an IB School for Your Child?

Aarushi Singh
3 min readDec 27, 2019

If you are considering the best schooling for your child, there are many reasons for choosing one of the best ib schools in delhi ncr. The first thing you will note is the versatility that such an education system offers. This educational system is gaining widespread popularity due to its successful and proven model. Find out what it is and how you and your child can benefit from it.

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an educational program that is followed in over 150 countries. This international curriculum covers the education system through 4 age-based categories. It is different from the other systems because it follows a holistic approach. The goal behind the IB system is to nurture the personal, social, emotional,and intellectual skills of each individual student. The IB Organization offers the following 4 programs and your child’s school is going to cover them:

· Primary Years Programme: From age 3 to 12

· Middle Years Programme: From Age 11 to 16

· Diploma Programme: From Age 16 to 19

· Careers-Related Programme: From Age 16 to 19

It is not essential that your child must complete the first two programs to be able to enter the IB Diploma. You can have your child enter an International School Gurgaon in any of these programs, based on his age and class.


So the key advantages of having your child enrolled in one of the top ib schools in delhi ncr are as follows:

1. International Recognition

Once your child completes his IB Diploma Program, his education will be recognized by universities all over the world. This includes the most reputed Ivy League universities as well. Your child may have passed his or her IB exams in any country, they are given the same value wherever they go.

2. Preparation of Higher Education

When your child goes through this educational program, he or she would learn the different ways of learning. This prepares students well in advance for the higher education level. This includes learning the skills associated with the following areas:

· Essay writing

· Doing independent research

· Citing sources

This is much different from the traditional educational system and the skills that it develops. Thus, your child will be preparing for his or her future university education well in advance.

3. Core Human & Personal Development

True education doesn’t stop at the school gate. When your child studies at an International School Gurgaon, he or she will grow both as a student and a human. It is part of the IB Organisation’s goal to foster values in students that leads to the creation of adults who make positive contributions in their social environment. This is instilled by adding a component known as CAS into the program. It refers to Creativity, Action, and Service.

There are many more reasons for choosing an IB school for your child. It can make a huge difference in not just his or her future educational and professional career path, but also the kind of human they develop into.