Why Your Child Should be Studying in an IB International Boarding School?

Aarushi Singh
3 min readOct 7, 2019

If you are looking for the top boarding school in delhi for your child to pursue their education, it is best to take admission in an IB school. It can make all the difference in your child’s career that you can ask for. There are manyadvantages of having your child complete an International Baccalaureate Diploma while they complete their high school education.

So find out how this qualification can contribute to your child’s higher education and future professional career.

IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is offered to students in the 16–19 age group in certified ib international schools. The key advantages of your child studying in such a school are as follows.

1. Develops Critical Thinking

Completing IB Diploma helps your child in developing better academic skills. This is due to the emphasis on developing critical thinking and time management skills. Students from such schools demonstrate the following abilities:

· Analyses of sources

· Going beyond details

· Testing consensus

They learn how to develop their own effective study habits. This includes learning how to set aside time for study, assignments, and revisions.

2. Develops Research Skills

There are multiple study components within the programme that involve the development of research skills in students. Your child will develop both organizing and research skills that make things easier when they move onto higher education.According to research studies involving students who completed IB Diploma, it was found that they benefit in a significant way from their experience working on Extended Essay. It helps prepare them for future research projects when they enter graduate courses.

3. Easier University Admission

Studies also show that students who study in ib international schools find it easier to enroll in top universities around the world. The key advantages in this regard include the following:

· These students are more likely to move onto higher education in universities

· These students are also more likely to get admission in the most reputed universities in the world

· These students are also more likely to perform at a higher level in their studies compared to non-IB school students

4. Global Mindset

Another reason for enroll your child in a top boarding school in Delhi is that, IB certified is the global mindset it creates. The IB Programme is accepted by universities in over 150 countries. When your child completes the IB Diploma, they have already gained exposure to the global standards of academics. This instills the confidence required to pursue and succeed in their higher educational pursuits at international universities.

When your child is an IB Diploma graduate, they are also more likely to get admission in elite universities. Did you know that IB graduates have an advantage of over 21% in getting admitted to the top 10 most prestigious US universities? If your goal is to send your child abroad for future education, it is imperative that you have them study in an IB international school.

Such a Programme offers many other advantages including a focus on overall mental and emotional development of the student.